Good Conduct
The Michael New Story

    Good Conduct
The Michael New Story on DVD

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Editorial Reviews

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Editorial Reviews:

Learn the facts about one American soldier who just said "NO" to the New World Order

What prompted Michael New to take on the United States Army, the Department of Defense, and the President of the United States? Spin artists of the New World Order have attempted to paint this model soldier and unobtrusive young man as a troublemaker, a rebel, and an extremist. Wherein lies the truth? With an honest examination of the facts, the video Good Conduct reveals a starling and definitive conclusion: that Michael New is hindering the advancement of a global agenda. This is the story they don't want you to hear.
Now you can have Michael New in your own living room, discussing what actually happened, and why he refused to wear a United Nations uniform. this documentary is helping shape the way Americans think about national sovereignty.

Customer Reviews:

Brigadier General Andrew J. Gatis, US ARMY (Ret.)
"Good Conduct affirms the correctness of Michael's stand for the Constitution and the courage to take that stand. Sometimes the duty to fight for the right falls on one man's shoulders, and that man acts, not for himself alone but for all citizens, and for his country. This is one of those times. A must-see video!"

Howard Phillips
"[It] highlights the undermining of the Constitutional premises of US national security, and its final outcome may well determine the future of the Republic."

Duane Thorinm, POW in Korea, US NAVY (Ret.)
"[Good Conduct] shows how, in 50 years, our armed forces have evolved from 'Defenders of Freedom' to 'Enforcers of Peace'."

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