Micheal New - Mercenary...or American Soldier
                              By Daniel D. New, with Cliff Kincaid

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Editorial Reviews:


The family perspective on what happened when Michael New refused to wear an unauthorized United Nations uniform, and what it means for America, if our soldiers can be forced to serve under the United Nations against their will.

True story of an American soldier who was court-martialed for refusing to: wear the United Nations blue beret, to deploy on an illegal deployment; to serve under an illegal chain of command. Army Specialist Michael New is guilty - of loving his country. For that, he became the first American ever tried and convicted of wanting to serve his country in its own uniform! This book addresses as-yet unresolved issues between the USA/UN, and the Executive/Legislative relationship of the US government, according to one Federal District Judge. Must reading for the veteran, for active-duty military personnel, for those considering enlistment.

It is a sympathetic documentary of the controversial case explaining why an American soldier would choose court- martial and possible prison rather than place a United Nations patch on his uniform. This case is working its way through military and civilian courts to the Supreme Court, where the question must ultimately be decided - can American citizens be forced, against their will, to serve any foreign power, including the United Nations? This is a fundamental issue of freedom that cuts across political and ideological lines. Even though the story was largely ignored by the mainstream press, Michael New enjoys support from the left and the right, from Democrats and Republicans, from civilians and military personnel, including many officers who say their future careers depend on the way this case is finally decided. If there were ever an AMERICAN issue, this is it. This may well be the last trench where American sovereignty will be ultimately decided.

Ideal gift for Veterans who care, for all active-duty military personnel, and for young people considering enlisting today. They, above all, need to understand the implications of what is being done to them. Also good for your public library, church library, school library, your military post library, teachers of history/government/current events, and your friendly history buff. All who love Liberty will welcome this book.

If you find you have more time in your car than you do to read a good book, then you've probably already discovered the value of books-on-tape. The book is now available on audio cassette, five one hour tapes in the Texas drawl of Daniel New. Makes a good gift, not only for commuters, but for those who are vision-impaired. It's priced below the market value of books on tape, but remember, this one is a fund-raiser for lawyers and travel and phone bills and printing, etc.

BONUS: Since these sets of tapes come in even numbers, we are pleased to throw in a special Michael New tape. Mike re-recorded his homecoming speech of 1996, and then Dave vonKleist got a great private interview with him in his kitchen in their little house in the woods about an hour north of Houston. Includes a copy of Dave's hit single, "A Patch of Green in a Sea of Blue -- The Ballad of Michael New."

About the Author
Daniel New- father of seven, among them Army Specialist Michael New, husband of one wife, horticulturist by training, gardener and poultryman by avocation, who believes in government by law, and who happens to think the Constitution is one of mankind's greatest documents.

Cliff Kincaid - chief organizer of the Coalition for American Sovereignty and the Bill of Rights, noted author, lecturer and consultant on international affairs. Author of "Global Taxes For World".

Customer Reviews:

Wow! February 14, 2003
Reviewer: Pancho from Texas
When I first read this book, I was amazed at the story. The second time through, I was amazed at how much documentation it contains, and how it continues to be relevant to this day. I think this will continue to be a valuable research tool for anyone wanting to know what happened to American sovereignty for decades to come.

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