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"A Patch of Green in A Field of Blue:
The Ballad of Michael New"

    A Young man joined the service
    Thought he'd do his part.
    He loved his "Country under God"
    Was true to his own heart.
    He knew he'd get an education, discipline and growth
    He had no hesitation when he gave his solemn oath.
    He gave a solemn oath!


    To my God and Country! From now until the end
    It's the Constitution I swear I will defend!
    "Foreign or Domestic", these last three words ring true!
    I'm defending my country, my name is Michael New
    My name is Michael New!

    In uniform, across the sea, on soil in foreign lands
    With dedication, honesty, keen eyes and steady hands
    Fulfilling every duty with patriotic love
    Until the day an order came from officers above
    From his officers above!

    The color of the Army is a military green
    But the uniform they gave to him
    Was like one he'd never seen
    The shoulder bore a U.N. patch
    A distinctive shade of blue
    "No oath to a Charter! To my Country I'll be true!"
    "To my Country I'll be true!"


    On Tuesday morn, October 10th, inspection of the men
    by Finlands General Ingstrom. He had to look again!
    The traitorous eyes of officers looked down at Michael New
    A SINGLE patch of green in a endless sea of blue!


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