U.N. Free Zone -- Research Library on CD-Rom (Item UNFZcd)
Information you need:
"How to" Strategy
Test your New World Order I.Q.
What of Future POW's?
Vertical Disintegration
H. R. 1146

Information for your elected public servants:
Why Pass a Local Ordinance in regard to the United Nations?
A Model Ordinance
Constitutionality of La Verkin's Ordinance
The Invisible Foe
Biosphere Reserves
UN Land Grab
American Land Sovereignty Protection Act
Founding Documents:
Magna Carta
The Mayflower Compact
Articles of Confederation
The Federalist Papers
The Anti-Federalist Papers
The Constitution and other founding documents

United Nations Documents:
United Nations Charter
International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Convention on the Rights of the Child
Convention on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women
International Criminal Court

Extra Bonus Additions:
Globalism 101
The UN and property rights
The Rise of Global Governance
Our Global Neighborhood

Report on the International Criminal Court
Agenda 21
The Law (complete book)
Michael New - Mercenary... or American Soldier?(complete book)

All the above plus when you order request the "Rule Book" in your comments we will include a pocket sized Citizens Rule Book

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