The Story of Army Spc. Michael New

                                                  by Hal Jones

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Editorial Reviews:

Comic book format, for young people considering enlisting, for anyone already in the US Armed Forces, and for veterans. With 64 pages of full color, on glossy paper, this unique book is a work of art, with every frame drawn and painted in water colors. It is a wealth of information about the implications of the oath of allegiance every soldier -- and every politician -- must take.

The story line is about two young men contemplating enlistment, coming out of a recruiting office. They are approached by a Vietnam Vet in a wheelchair. He asks if they've heard of Michael New, (the only American soldier ever court-martialed for wanting to serve his own country exclusively), hands them a copy of the book about his case, MICHAEL NEW -- Mercenary...or American Soldier? The plot then unfolds as the two young men take opposite positions and work through the implications of what is involved when American citizens are forced to serve under United Nations command, or go on U.N. deployments. Very readable, very thought-provoking.

Author and artist Hal Jones, an Army veteran himself, has done other comic books, but never anything like this. According to Jones, "Michael New inspired me, as he has many veterans, and made us proud all over again of the uniform we once wore."

With over 22% of the First Edition of 10,000 already pre-sold, it may be sold out before the release date. Sure to be a collector's item, this book is a unique tool. In the last half a century, there has not been anything like it. A high quality book, with precise detail and historical accuracy, with content in quantity, done in a format that is highly readable and will hold the attention of both young and old.

Customer Reviews:

Reviewer: Howard Philips, Conservative Caucus writes:

"Reading this booklet reminded me of why all Americans should be proud of and grateful for the stand taken by Michael New. He personifies the character and courage which for more than two centuries has made America the envy of the world.

"Every American, especially those on the verge of entering military service, should read this book. Every member od Congress and the President of the United States should be called up on to obey the Constitution and withhold American resources and manpower from the jurisdiction of a dangerous foreign government, the United Nations."

Reviewer: Paul J. Tetreault, Jr. -- writes:

Over 40 years ago, Americans flocked to theatres to see a blockbuster film. It featured an all-star cast: Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Judy Garland, Marlene Dietrich, Richard Widmark, Montgomery Clift - who felt the film was so important he appeared without compensation - and introduced Werner Klemperer, who would later gain fame in his TV role as "Colonel Klink," and William Shatner, whom we all know now as Star Trek's "Captain Kirk." When the Academy Awards for 1961 were held, the film captured an unprecedented 11 Oscar nominations, including best picture.

Not everyone who saw that movie walked out of the theatre feeling good; some were tearful, some were shocked and sickened, many were angry, others felt guilty. It wasn't a gripping action thriller and the hero didn't get the girl. The true story the movie told was a small drama involving obscure people whose names never became household words. The world did its best to ignore this little drama when it actually unfolded, it had been overcome by events, it was in the way, it was not politically correct. The story was the trial - by an American military tribunal - of the justices of Hitler's Supreme Court. The film was Judgment at Nuremburg.

The power and touching drama of Judgment at Nuremburg did not come from infamous Nazi war criminals getting their comeupance for "just following orders." By the time the judges were tried the famous trials conducted by the International Military Tribunal - involving former U.S. Attorney General Francis Biddle who served as a judge and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson who acted as prosecutor - were long finished. Spencer Tracy played an old state judge called from retirement in the backwoods of Maine to preside over this small, final chapter in the history of the Third Reich. But while the trial was in progress, the Russians captured Berlin and the Marshall Plan airlift began. Suddenly, bringing Nazis to justice was no longer important. The allies now needed the popular support of the Germans to hold off the Soviets, and wasn't Hitler's iron grasp of power - made possible by his judges - done to oppose communism, anyway?

The emotional power of Judgment at Nuremburg comes from the principled stand of one American judge and one Army prosecutor who refused to compromise right principles in the face of tremendous pressure from politicians and Army brass. It comes from the courage of loyal Americans who refused to "just follow orders."

The story told in Mike New's "Standing Strong Against All Enemies" is remarkably similar to the story of that brave judge and Army prosecutor. As an American soldier, Mike took an oath of office to support and defend the Constitution against all whose actions made them the enemies of its principles, whether they were foreign aggressors or U.S. politicians and generals. Like the judge and prosecutor, Mike refused to do what was politically expedient if it meant compromising the values that have made America strong and free.

But unlike Judgment at Nuremburg, Mike's case was not a close call. Standing down communism at the time of Judgment at Nuremburg was an important national security objective. It would prompt a Cold War that consumed the world for half a century. In Mike's case, the issue was whether U.S. soldiers should follow a secret presidential Executive Order and risk their lives as U.N. policemen, essentially fighting for Muslim extremists - some, we know now, trained by Osama bin Laden - bent on dismembering the former communist state of Yugoslavia. As an American and as a soldier, Mike recognized that secret orders of the President don't pass constitutional muster when it comes to ordering U.S. forces into harm's way. Unlike Hitler's Germany, the U.S. Constitution requires the approval of Congress before troops can be sent into combat, and there is no provision to abdicate American sovereignty by placing U.S. forces under U.N. control.

Judgment at Nuremburg made clear that it was really the German people who were on trial, and in Mike New's case it is us - all Americans - who are on trial. The leaders who hold the power of government cannot violate right principles unless ordinary citizens go along with them.

Mike's principled stand is also a reminder to U.S. service men and women everywhere that they themselves are part of the checks and balances our Founding Fathers designed into our Constitutional Republic. Their oath to the constitution prohibits blind obedience to orders, because the American system of government separates power so that those leaders who break the law can be stopped by others who obey it. Service members are part of the Executive Branch of our government, and ordinary citizens have a right to expect them to obey the law, even when others in government do not.

In Mike's new book, you'll see how the question of whether we Americans will stand for the Constitution as Mike did is an issue that touches the lives of all of us everyday, and will undoubtedly determine whether we win or lose the War on Terrorism. It took over a decade after the trial of the Nazi judges for Americans to finally realize that what defines us - and separates us - from the bad guys is only our ideas of what is right and wrong. It took over a decade before Judgment at Nuremburg could be made. We don't have that long to wait. Get Mike New's "Standing Strong Against All Enemies" today, and share Mike's courageous example with your family and friends. America will be the better for it.

Reviewer: Tom DeWeese, President of the American Policy Center writes;

Just finished reading the comic book. Wow! What a powerful tool for our cause. The concept is brilliant. It's easy to read and understand and packs more information into its few pages than a library of books on the subject. I just hope we can find a way to get a copy into the hands of every student sitting in school classrooms. If nothing else, it would cause a major debate. It would be interesting to see how today's teachers would react to such a discussion. But such things hardly every take place in today's "centers of learning." That's why this new tool is so desperately needed.

A Book for Young and Old February 13, 2003
Reviewer: Daniel New from Texas
The Vietnam Vet tells his story, and the kids explain their own conflicts. Hal Jones has done a marvelous piece here -- this is a real work of art, and this first edition is going to be a collector's item.

I recommend this one highly February 13, 2003
Reviewer: Al Lorentz, Chairman of Constitution Party of Texas
The case of the injustice wrought by the Goliath of the Federal Government against a lone "David" named Michael New is complex at best. Nonetheless, this fabulous book has not only captured the story but done so in an engaging and comprehensive manner. Easy to read and understand, this book gives not only the facts regarding the case of Michael New but also the political situation surround the outcome.

Anyone who reads this book will understand clearly the facts of the case against Michael New and conclude that a terrible injustice has been wrought on not only Michael New and his family but the entire country. If justice can be denied to one soldier doing his duty and upholding his oath in a clear and simple fashion, injustice can be wrought on all of us. As a former professional soldier and senior NCO, I can say unequivocally that the case against Michael New is the pinnacle of injustice and this excellent book shows the story well.

The book is engaging, comprehensive and would make an excellent gift, especially for those contemplating enlisting in today's military or their families and loved ones.

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