Michael New - Mercenary... or American Soldier

Can American soldiers be forced to serve a foreign power? Do we raise our children to become mercenaries for a New World Order? American sovereignty hangs in the balance.


What of Future POW's?

Watch the kids getting on and off the school buses. Watch your paper boy. Notice the young man sacking your groceries. You are looking at future soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, and guardsmen. They will serve and some will fight and some will die and some will become POW's in wars not yet planned.  Think about it now, ahead of time. Under what flag do you think they will serve? The United States flag? Or the United Nations flag?

Can American troops be forced to serve a foreign power?


What happened?

On October 10, 1995, the 1/15 Battalion of the 3rd infantry Division of the U.S. Army came to attention at 0900 in Schweinfurt, Germany. All but one of the 550 soldiers were wearing a sky-blue baseball-style cap with a United Nations insignia on the front. One was wearing the olive-drab flat cap that is authorized to be worn with the Battle Dress Uniform. With this simple act of disobeying a direct order, Spc. 4 Michael New set the stage for a legal battle that has profound implications for the future of American soldiers into service of the United Nations without the constitutional permission of Congress.

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