3 January 2016




Daniel New, Project Manager




Herb Titus, Attorney



Former Army Specialist Michael New files for Honorable Discharge

Conroe, Texas: Former Army Specialist Michael New has formally made an application to the Army Board of Corrections for Military Records (ABCMR), requesting that his Bad Conduct Discharge be upgraded to Honorable Discharge.

SPC New was convicted in 1996 of disobeying an order to wear a United Nations uniform and to deploy into Macedonia on Operation Able Sentry, under the command of a general officer from Finland.  His objection was that he joined the United States Army, not the United Nations Army, and that his loyalty was to the United States Constitution, not to the United Nations Charter. 

Michael New, a native of Conroe, Texas, is now 42 years old, lives in the Houston area, and works as an IT consultant. 

SPC New is the only American ever convicted of the crime of wanting to serve his own country, exclusively.  Until the ruling is overturned, whether by court of by legislation, the precedent has been established that no member of the US military can refuse to serve the United Nations when ordered to do so.

According to Herb Titus, lead attorney for Mike’s case, there was “prosecutorial misconduct undermining New’s efforts to prove that order was unlawful by denying access to classified documents.”  Several errors by the Army prior to, and during the court-martial should justify correction of the discharge, even at this late date.

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