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Can American troops be forced to serve a foreign power?

It looks like that's the direction this country is headed. It also looks like SPC Michael New was right when he refused to wear a blue beret and serve under foreign commanders on deployments not authorized by Congress. We have an Executive Branch which has gone rogue - and has been doing so since John Kennedy, or perhaps more accurately, Harry Truman. Congress has abdicated their duty and violated their oaths of allegiance to the Constitution by not checking the power of presidents who have continually assumed more and more power to the office.

Politicians of both parties are guilty, both in the White House and in Congress. If we don't elect Statesmen who understand the Constitution, and their oath to it, in enough numbers to reverse this trend, then this nation is finished.

The Citizen Soldier Protection Act of 2015 could address this problem squarely. Yet we don't even have a sponsor in Congress, much less a body of support in Congress.

Please share this update with every person you know in uniform - active duty, reserve, and veterans.

Daniel New
Project Manager
Michael New Action Forum