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Do you know the story of PVT Corey Clagett?

The primary reason that Corey Clagett’s name is not a household word in America is that the war in Iraq has given us so many soldiers who have been dealt with falsely by the US military that he is merely one among many miscarriages of justice.  Ho, hum. “Dime a dozen.” 

Michael New's Homecoming Speech 28 JULY 1996

Standing is an important posture in life. People stand when the national anthem is played. When the flag passes, people stand and cover their hearts. On political issues people ask where do you stand, what is your position?

For generations, parents in America have taught us how to stand. They have shown us what to stand for and what to stand against.

I am here today for no other reason than the fact that I made a stand as a U.S. Army Specialist on October 10, 1995. It was a simple act. The course set before me was clear. I had no question about where to stand that early fall morning in Schweinfurt, Germany.

It all began on August 21, 1995 when my seniors in the U.S. Army chain of command informed me that my battalion, first of the fifteenth, 3rd Infantry Division, would soon be deployed to a UN operation in Macedonia. However, they said this UN mission would be different from the previous UN mission on which I served in Kuwait. My seniors informed me that this deployment required my battalion to significantly alter our uniforms by removing the U.S. flag from the right shoulder, the senior side of the U.S. Army Battle Dress Uniform, to the left shoulder, and replace the flag with a UN patch, badge and insignia. We would also wear a UN blue beret or helmet.

20 Years Ago

How time flies, while the New World Order is having fun.

On 10 October 1995, some 550 American soldiers reported to formation on the parade ground of the US military base in Schweinfurt, Germany.  549 of them were wearing baby-blue caps showing that their allegiance had been transferred to the United Nations, and that they were, for the next six months, in the employ and under the command of a Finnish general officer, to be serving in a U.N. deployment into Macedonia. 

One soldier was wearing the olive-drab green cap that was the authorized cover for the Battle Dress Uniform. 

All but one soldier had a UN patch on their right shoulder, a US flag on the left.  Army SPC4 Michael New had a US flag on his right shoulder and no UN patch anywhere.

For this “crime” of disobeying a direct order to subordinate himself to a foreign power, SPC New was arrested and court-martialed, and given a Bad Conduct Discharge.  He remains today the only American every tried and convicted of the crime of wanting to serve his own country.

Classroom notes series – United Nations

26 June 1945  Seventy Years of "World Governance"¯

World War I ended on 11 November 1918, which we used to call "Armistice Day". In June of 1919, the Treaty of Versailles was signed in Paris, finalizing details of the peace, and giving birth to the League of Nations on 10 January 1920. "It was the first international organisation whose principal mission was to maintain world peace."¯

Memorial Day 2015

Fact:  America worships its military.  It has all the trappings of a religion.  Just as the Romans worshipped Mars, he remains one of our favorite gods today.

Fact:  There are soldiers and there are warriors.  They are not the same thing.  Even when they wear the same uniforms, the difference is in their heads. 

What of Future POW's?

Watch the kids getting on and off the school buses. Watch your paper boy. Notice the young man sacking your groceries. You are looking at future soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, and guardsmen. They will serve and some will fight and some will die and some will become POW's in wars not yet planned.  Think about it now, ahead of time. Under what flag do you think they will serve? The United States flag? Or the United Nations flag?
Twenty Years since Michael New's Historic Stand

Twenty years ago this year, a young soldier in the US Army, stationed in Germany, was given an unlawful order to wear an unauthorized United Nations uniform, to report to duty to a foreign military officer, and to deploy to Macedonia on a "peacekeeping mission" where he stood a good chance of having to fight, bleed or die for the United Nations.  He respectfully declined the "honor", stating to his officers that he did not take an oath to the United Nations, that he was a soldier in the U.S. Army, and that he had no contract with the United Nations.  Without judgment on those who chose to volunteer, Army SPC4 Michael New requested a transfer to any other unit, anywhere in the world, in a US Army uniform under US Army officers.  A free citizen cannot be forced to serve a foreign power.
What Does it Matter?

The miscarriage of justice in the case of Army SPC Michael New (court-martial, 1996) has never been corrected, nor is it likely to ever be.

The Army, the Pentagon, the Supreme Court and two presidents had ample opportunity to correct it. Appeals to the Army Court of Criminal Appeals, then the Court of Appeals of the Armed Forces upheld the decision of the kangaroo court-martial. The Supreme Court refused to even consider the matter. After that, the US District Court in D.C., and then the US Court of Appeals refused to consider the matter, and the Supreme Court as well refused to consider that appeal.

A Day That Shall Live in Infamy

December 7, 1941 — Pearl Harbor.

What American doesn’t know this date?

I’m going to release this after Dec. 7 simply so as to not detract from the sadness that we feel over the sneak attack by Japan resulting in the deaths of 4,000 or so men and women, including civilians.  Their sacrifice was a national tragedy.  The more so, you will realize, as you read on.  Their sacrifice was deliberate!


Advice to my sons about the military

Gentlemen, I want to address you specifically, but in the world today it does apply to your sisters. 41 years ago on this day, December 4, 1974, I joined the US Air Force. The reason I went in is as a form of escape. I had little to no desire to go to college as what I had been exposed to in the academic world was dull and uninspiring. I wanted to learn,


Obama and the Mockery of Honor

If a soldier who volunteered to serve in the military rapes or murders someone while in uniform, has he served honorably? Has Bradley Manning, who voluntarily joined the military and then betrayed his country by turning over hundreds of thousands of documents to WikiLeaks, served honorably? Did Benedict Arnold, another volunteer, serve with "honor and distinction"?

According to the logic of our national-security adviser, Susan Rice, they all did. Merely because they volunteered in the first place. Lieutenant Calley of My Lai Massacre fame? "Honor and distinction."


Bruce Fein
The Founders' Handiwork Has Turned to Dust
By Bruce Fein
Published 05/08/10

We, the current citizens of the United States, have all been raised to embrace the American Empire without questioning its premises, just as British subjects more than a century ago viscerally cherished and celebrated the British Empire. The justifications for empires are characteristically unexamined to conceal an unflattering truth: they are all fueled by a base, animalistic craving to dominate other nations and people for the sake of domination. Empires historically have succumbed to ruination because of military overreach and global resentments.
Letter to a Christian Young Man Regarding Joining the Military

I have been told that you are thinking about joining the military. I hope I am misinformed. I understand that you are having trouble finding a job, but think that, as a Christian young man, you are making a big mistake if you join today’s military.

Chuck Baldwin
Can Christians Serve In The New World Order Army?

Many patriotic Americans, including many retired and former military personnel, are increasingly chagrined at the direction the U.S. armed forces are taking. For one thing, there were numerous instances in the Clinton and both Bush administrations when American GIs were required to serve under foreign or United Nations commanders. Does anyone remember the Michael New case? How can any American GI, who has taken an oath to the U.S. Constitution, willingly surrender himself to a foreign commander,...
"Question 46," Revisited
by Willian Grigg - Dec.22, 2008

We have to wonder more and more, just how many in the military might "follow orders" if it came to forcibly disarming honest Americans.

William Grigg writes a compelling article on - where he analyzes the possibilities and includes this chilling observation - "When the fire erupts – whether through spontaneous combustion or through the ministrations of the Regime's paid incendiaries – the script will call for the government to deploy occupation troops, on the assumption that the best way to battle a social conflagration would be to suffocate liberty, rather than extinguishing the source of the fire."

The "Will" Served by the Army is Not "National"

On February 28, 2008, the Associated Press reported that the U.S. Army had just rolled out a new operations manual "putting stability operations - nation-building - on par with combat."

Laurence M. Vance
Accomplice to Murder

Is there any reason a Christian who was opposed to the war in Iraq could in good conscience still join the military? I have previously explained why Christians have no business joining the military, even to serve as a military chaplain.

Jerome Corsi
North American Army created without OK by Congress
U.S., Canada military ink deal to fight domestic emergencies

In a ceremony that received virtually no attention in the American media, the United States and Canada signed a military agreement Feb. 14 allowing the armed forces from one nation to support the armed forces of the other nation during a domestic civil emergency, even one that does not involve a cross-border crisis.
Army Outlines Field Manual 3-0

In a conference call with bloggers Feb. 26, the Army outlined the newest version of its Field Manual (FM 3-0 Army Operations), the first revision of Army doctrine since 2001. According to LTG William Caldwell IV, Commander of the Combined Arms Center, the manual has finally taken the step of elevating stabilization operations to the level of offensive and defensive ops.