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December 1997

Dear Friends,

The U.S. Court of Appeals rejected our appeal on Nov. 25, and we just received a raw copy of the 17 page decision issued by the court. We are cleaning it up and reducing it by expanding the margins. Content will not be changed. Let us know if you want a copy. You can save postage by getting a copy from this website at:

House Concurrent Resolution 158

Atty. Mike Farris and Team are now deciding whether to appeal to the Supreme Court, asking them to order the lower court to hear the case. This case can only be solved in either the Supreme Court or Congress, not in the lower courts.

Key legislation now pending: House Concurrent Resolution #158. HCR 158 will provide legal protection to soldiers who follow Michael's example, stating that Congress considers it illegal to force Americans to wear foreign uniforms, or to serve in foreign armies, including the United Nations. Please ask your Congressman to (a) send you a copy, and (b) become a co-sponsor. He should call the office of Helen Chenowith, the fabulous Representative from Idaho, and sign on now. This is a bi-partisan resolution, and cannot be vetoed. It's toll-free for you: 800/522-6721 or 888/723-5246.

Remember a copy of House Concurrent Resolution #158 is also available here!

You may find it interesting to learn that on the same day that the court was denying Michael's appeal, the Lincoln Heritage Center in Michigan informed us of Michael's nomination for the 1997 Guardian of Liberty award, and a newly named AMVETS Spc. Michael New Post #87 was officially chartered in Salmon, Idaho! Veterans understand.

We have moved. Why would we confuse people by changing our address? Because family remains important to us. Michael's grandfather, Clyde W. New, (USMC, WWII), needs family to be closer, so we've moved to Central Texas, where we can raise chickens in town and it's over an hour to a real city, and we love it. We've noticed that most of our support comes from small town America, where the pace of city life has not yet destroyed the values of previous generations. Instead of "celebrating our diversity," people just help one another and "get along."

Michael and Claudia New still live near Conroe. He works as a medical tech for an orthopedic surgeon. He's beginning to move forward with his life again, taking night courses in a community college and doing his best to maintain privacy.

We get many offers to join various multi-level marketing plans, each of which could "solve your financial problems." With the greatest respect for each of those heart-felt offers, and without disparaging a single plan or product, we simply don't have the time (or the inclination). So, if the idea is all that lucrative, why not just sign us up and send the money to the defense fund?

The other thing we get in the mail is literally boxes of information about this or that abuse of power by some government agency, as well as bad legislation pending or just passed, etc. One cannot address all the very real issues that are out there. Please don't think we are not interested, but we simply can't do it. We do our best to remain single-focused on the issue God has given to our family.

Even so, it is obvious to us that none of the Socialist legislation currently coming out of Congress could happen without the conscious and willing assistance of the Republican Party. No longer can we simply blame the Democrats for intruding into the rights of our States, our local schools, our local municipalities, and even our Family. No legislation passes without Republican support.

Just as we admire missionaries to tropical jungles, or to the asphalt jungles of the godless government indoctrination centers (sometimes called "schools"), we admire the many patriotic Americans who are missionaries to the Republican or Democratic Parties. All are bona fide mission fields. But missionaries must never forget that those to whom they are sent, whether cannibals, educrats, or political hacks, will consume them at the first opportunity with all the remorse of a barracuda hitting a minnow. If you feel called by God to stay within a major political party, then by all means, obey your conscience. (We can't think of a "single ‘nother" reason to stay.)

That's why we have chosen to work with the US Taxpayers Party – to discipline the party from which we came and to hold forth ideals that are 100% compatible with the ideals of our Founding Fathers. One of the last things Michael did in 1992, before he joined the Army, was to vote for Howard Phillips for President (a write-in in Texas that year). One of the first things Michael did when he returned from Germany, following his discharge, was to nominate Howard Phillips for President in 1996 at the USTP national convention in San Diego.

Pick the third party of your choice, and your vote will have a far greater impact than it ever can pulling a straight party ticket. Ultimate victory over evil belongs to God – our job is Obedience. Compromising our conscience in the situation ethics of supporting "the lesser of two evils" is not Obedience. It's compromise. It's time we quit being played for suckers by the rhetoric and the psychology of Socialist Party A vs. Socialist Party B.

For the Republic…under God,

Daniel and Suzanne New

Good stewardship requires that we not waste our funds. If you wish to be removed from our mailing lists, please notify us here immediately. Expenses continue, and more importantly, so does our need for your prayers. The Virginia address is an authorized fund-raising operation, but we ask our friends to contribute and correspond directly to us at:

P.O. Box 100
Iredell, Texas 76649
fax 254/796-2682
E-mail: ddnew@bigfoot.com

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