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What of Future POW's?
by Daniel New

Watch the kids getting on and off the school buses.  Watch your paper boy.  Notice the young man sacking your groceries.  You are looking at future soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, and guardsmen.  They will serve and some will fight and some will die and some will become POW's in wars not yet planned.  Think about it now, ahead of time. Under what flag do you think they will serve? The United States flag? Or the United Nations flag?

So what, you say? Here's why it matters.  If you think the record of spineless American politicians was bad on the subject of getting American POW's home over the past 50 years from Vietnam and even Korea, it’s only going to get worse. 

When little Johnny, your paperboy, disappears into a Balkan or Middle Eastern or African or Chinese prison camp wearing a blue beret, you will then see what good it does to write to your "representative" at the U.N. and ask him/her to intervene.  Nobody elects them, and nobody can impeach them. There is no system of control over the looming one world government. It is designed that way on purpose.

In 1999, three American soldiers serving on an (illegal) United Nations deployment to Macedonia were captured by Serbian forces, and the Pentagon and the White House were thrown into a quandary. How to classify them? They knew the authorization for the deployment had been cancelled months earlier (by Red China). They knew that they had made a statement, in writing, to SPC Michael New, that if he were captured, he would be considered “a United Nations Peacekeeping hostage, not an American POW.” 

Whether they knew it or not, these men were UN mercenaries, wearing baby-blue helmets, carrying U.N. ID cards, under the command of a U.N. military officer. They were not acting in the capacity of American soldiers.  After days of frantic back-peddling, the decree came (out of thin air, without any basis in law of any kind) that they were American POW's.

America, the Globo-Cop, bullied, bluffed and begged, and got those three soldiers home. But what if the Serbians had balked and insisted upon a hearing at the International Criminal Court? What if they had held them as hostages? Many countries in the world would have seen three Americans POW's as an opportunity to hold War Crimes Trials then and there. (It is to Serbia's credit that they let them go as quickly and painlessly as they did.)

This is why Rolling Thunder passed a resolution in support of Army Specialist Michael New, who was court-martialed for refusing to wear a United Nations uniform. is why the veterans' organization, Oath Keepers awarded SPC Michael New their highest honor as a Champion of Freedom.  This is why the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars have passed national resolutions condemning the practice of forcing American troops to serve under foreign commanders, including United Nations.

And it's why the issue is not a moot question.  It's an imperative question for every veteran and every potential recruit. Under what flag do we want our children and our grandchildren to serve? Toward what interests are we willing to allow our children to sacrifice their own lives?  Vice President Al Gore once told the parents of a soldier, who had been killed while on a U.N. “peacekeeping action”, “You can be proud that your son died in service to the United Nations.” 
A One-World Government has been the goal of the Communist Internationale since 1848, and certainly since the Revolution of 1914-1917 in Russia. There has never been, nor is there now, any American interest in subjecting our citizens to a world government. There are only international interests to be served, and American soldiers will become cannon fodder, if we let this trend continue. You may rest assured that Gambia and Swaziland and Iran, etc, etc, have no inclination to come to their aid.

Ask all candidates and all elected officials to take a stand on this question.  Do they really believe that it’s okay to FORCE American military personnel to serve under foreign powers?   Politicians like Phil Gramm and Mitch McConnell and Bob Dornan, all supportive of Mike’s plight, told SPC New that should obey orders and let them take care of the problem. 

They have since done nothing to take care of the problem.

It really doesn't matter what politicians think of Michael New, and his disobedience of a direct order. What matters is what they intend to do to see to it that the next generation of American troops is protected by the Constitution that we each take an oath to serve and protect.

This is why American Sovereignty should be of interest to American veterans. If we deal with it now, perhaps Johnny won't have to face the fate of becoming a mercenary against his will.  If we don't, then apologize to Johnny next time you see him. He won't understand now, but maybe someday, sitting in a foreign POW cell, he'll remember your apology and understand. God forbid.


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