New's Letter -- news and opinion
from the desk of Daniel D. New,
Project Manager of the
Michael New Action Fund

(Opinions here are those of Daniel New, and most of his readers.  Some may disagree, which is their Constitutional right.  Polite disagreement is welcome, while rude disagreement will be ignored.)

Dear Team,

We think daily about the huge number of patriotic Americans out there who are watching, waiting for justice in the case of Army Specialist Michael New.  Some learned of the case a few weeks ago, but many of you have been waiting, praying, writing letters and making phone calls since the court-martial of January, 1996.  Some have been with us even longer than that.

If there is no other theme that this case emphasizes, regardless of how a person feels about whether Mike was right or not, it is this:

Justice delayed is justice denied!

The Court of Appeals of the Armed Forces (CAAF) has ended its session of hearing oral arguments for the year 2000, and will be releasing its final decisions within the next few weeks.  From February 4 to September 4 is seven months.  Over 270 days to rule on a decision that could have been ruled on in 7 days.  And frankly, their decision, either way, is of little interest to us.  What is of interest is that they must rule!  The delays appear to all to be a politically motivated cover-up to protect the current administration -- a charge that ought to make them cringe, but appears to not concern them.

If we win in this court, we'll be happy to announce to the world that the court-martial was nothing less than a Kangaroo Court.  But all a win will accomplish is to prove that the original court-martial was flawed because the judge did not allow a defendent to present evidence to defend himself.  Looks pretty open and shut to most observers, and I predict that we will win at this level.  The problem with this scenario is that the Army then has to decide what to do next, and they have a long list of options.  It almost doesn't matter what they do, you can bet they will continue to delay justice and buy time for the dishonorable occupant of the White House.  The price tag on this continued defense is difficult to ascertain, but no doubt exceed $100,000.

If we lose at this court, we'll be happy to announce that now the "military remedy" has been virtually exhausted and that we will be filing a petition for certiorari with the Supreme Court, asking them to review the case.  (They don't have to accept it.)  The price tag on this scenario has been estimated at $75,000 by our very conservative lead attorney and Constitutional scholar, Dr. Herb Titus.  Did you ever go to the Supreme Court on anything?  If you have, you will know that his estimate is about 33% the going rate.  That's because he works for a fraction of the price of big-name lawyers, and some of his work and of others on the Team is pro bono.

The point here is that we are going to have to plan to raise more money for the next round, and perhaps we should thank the system for going so slow -- it has made it possible for us to keep the pace by having the funds come in as we need them.  If they had acted quickly, they would have broken us.  But by delaying justice, they also gave you time to send your $5 and $20 and $50.  We will never be able to adequately thank all those who have made this possible, but we do thank God for you daily.

Contributions may be sent directly or indirectly to us.  The official address of the fund raising company that we employ is in Fairfax, Virginia, as many of you have asked if that address is really us.  It is, but you may also send directly to us by making cheques to:  Michael New Action Fund and sending them to the address below.

Michael New Action Fund
P.O. Box 100
Iredell, Texas 76649

We've done our best to keep our appeals for funds to a minimum on the internet, but also think it appropriate that we let you know when there is a need.  Well, there is going to be a need within less than a month, one way or the other.

If CAAF does not release a decision within three weeks, we are going to mount a letter-writing campaign using the theme, "Jusice delayed is Justice denied."  This will be the second time we have done this, and it appears to have worked the last time.  The Army Court of Criminal Appeals released the case just days after we announced the incoming results of our petition drive to Speaker Dennis Hastert.  It appears that publicity does more than anything else to shake the system loose.  Sad, but true.

In the meantime, we ask each of you to pay close attention to what comes out of the United Nations Millenium Summit in New York City this coming week.  The formal declarations for stiffening up the imposition of global taxation, global court systems, and global enforcement through a one world army are going to make tremendous advancements this coming week.  But the sun will still come up and you and I will not live under Marxist global domination for a few more years.  These things take time, but they are coming, make no mistake about it.  The United Nations is a Marxist organization, and all that they do carries out the agenda laid forth by Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Mikhail Gorbachev, Hillary Clinton and other dedicated Marxists of the 20th Century.  The time for national sovereignty, in their eyes, has ended.

And that is the crux of the matter before us.  This is not about Michael New, but it is the battle given to us to press -- his case will make or break the sovereignty of the United States of America.  If we lose in the end, then the American Republic may be pronounced dead, even though we will continue to wield financial and political influence for another century (see The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire for a perfectly analagous situation).  If we win, there will be much more to do, but it will mean the sovereignty of our citizens has not yet been subjected to the Internationale operating within the United Nations.

You are reminded that the book, MICHAEL NEW -- Mercenary...or American Soldier, is still available for only $6.95 donation.  Price includes shipping on all orders.  And every time you order one, it enables us to send a free copy to a soldier, sailor, marine or airman.  It's also available as a book-on-tape ($24 donation) for those who cannot find the time to read, but have time to listen (commuters, etc.)  And the video documentary, GOOD CONDUCT - The Story of Michael New, continues to be one of the best values around ($19.95 donation) for adding to your personal Library of Liberty.  Please order these items only from Texas.  (We also have a few tee-shirts left, and don't plan on ordering any more, that say "Real Americans don't wear U.N. blue!"  Sizes XL, XXL, and a couple of XXXL only.  $15 donation.)

H.R. 4669 is stalled in committee in the House -- Citizen Soldier Protection Act of 2000.  We do expect to add to our 16 co-sponsors soon, but if it fails this session, we will still be much better positioned with a head of steam for the next session.  So your efforts are NOT wasted!  Please continue to ask your congressman for a copy of the bill, and why he hasn't signed on as a co-sponsor?  Is he in favor of forcing our sons and daughters to serve under a foreign military power?  Get his answer in writing, and FILE it for future reference.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Daniel New
Project Manager
Michael New Action Fund

"Real Americans don't wear U.N. blue!"