Smith to move in Senate,
protect Soldiers from U.N.

Your Senator wants to hear from YOU!

(District of Columbia) - Senator Bob Smith, of New Hampshire, has just informed us that he will be introducing the Citizen Soldier Protection Act of 2000 in the Senate!  There is no number today, but may be tomorrow or Thursday.  If your senator wants to be an original co-sponsor, then he/she needs to sign on NOW!!!

Don't write your senators off as a lost cause. (If you don't know who your senators are, tell the operator what state you live in, and she will tell you.)  Call them both today and politely ask the intern who answers the phone, "Who deals with military issues in Senator _________'s office?"    They will tell you.  Ask to speak to that person, who is usually termed a Legislative Assistant.  You will, nine times out of ten, get their voice mail.  Simply ask him to ask the good senator to become an original co-sponsor of the bill mentioned above, and you will be very pleased with him/her.  (It's probably only a white lie, and you really will be pleased over this one act!)  Do not tell them you have been working for every opponent the senator has ever had.  Come on, People.  Be nice this time, just for once!!  (c:  We'll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Call free:    888/449-3511     877/762-8762

I got a phone call yesterday from the office of one of the most liberal Democrats in the Senate.  The man said, "What is this bill you are promoting?"  Now, why would they call me?  Because you have been calling them!  Keep it up!  We're having fun, now, Children, and this is what it's all about.

If you do get a real person, they may ask for a copy of the bill.  Tell them that they can find it in two places very quickly, since the wording will be identical.  On their own computers it is H.R. 4669, introduced in the House by Helen Chenoweth-Hage, along with Tom DeLay.  Or, they may look it up on our website at:

Okay, you have your homework.  Two phone calls to the Capitol, free, then pass this on to ten of your best friends, and then you can interrupt your mission of saving the Republic to do more chores around the house.

As always, we thank you for your unwavering commitment to stand strong with Michael New against the encroachment on America's sovereignty.  If you don't do this, no one will court martial you.  But if you do it, you may well be responsible for preventing future American soldiers from being court-martialed for wanting to serve their own country exclusively.

For a Constitutional Republic, once again,

Daniel New
Project Manager

PS. As of today, we jumped from seven to ten sponsor in the House of Representatives. Current co-sponsors are:

Rep Bartlett, Roscoe G.- Maryland
Rep Camp, Dave - Michigan
Rep DeLay, Tom - Texas
Rep Hall, Ralph M. - Texas
Rep Hansen, James V. - Utah
Rep Hilleary, Van - Tennessee
Rep Paul, Ron - Texas
Rep Pitts, Joseph R. - Pennsylvania
Rep Sessions, Pete - Texas
Rep Traficant, James A., Jr. - Ohio

Another exciting piece of news. The "Dear Colleague" letter from Mrs. Chenoweth-Hage's office has not yet been sent! Ten co-sponsors and all from your phone calls and letters!!! Friends, you are making it happen.

And we announce our first winner of the coveted Citizen's Medal of Honor, a one troy ounce silver medallion with a likeness of Spc. Michael New on one side, on the back a scroll with the words, "I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution...." As soon as I get Richard Partridge's mailing address in Utah, his medal will be in the mail! If you missed the details, and are interested in being District Coordinator for your congressional district, respond to the Webmaster.

Real Americans don't wear U.N. blue!