From the desk of Daniel D. New

25 January 2007

Dear Supporters of USA Sovereignty, and of Michael New:

A few days ago we sent out an update telling you that the case of Michael New might come up for Review before the Supreme Court on February 1.  The dates have moved, but the situation remains the same.  The government was apparently not able to prepare a brief for the court in the 30 days allowed them, so they have asked for another 30 days.  Of course, in our never-ending generosity, we agreed. 

Now we wait on the US Supreme Court to review the case, which we expect them to do sometime in April or May.  The Clerk of the Court recently gave the Justice Department a new deadline of 23 February to get their brief in to the SC, so we’ll have ten days after that to file our Reply, then there’s 30 days for something else (I forget).

The Review may take only a few minutes, and they may reject us on the spot.  And that may be the end of our 11½ year fight – I just don’t know.

IF, however, four Justices vote to hear the Oral Arguments, then we will be given a place on the docket, perhaps in the fall of 2007. 

Sadly, the issue of forcing Americans to serve under foreign powers has not yet been examined.  All of this is legal wrangling over jurisdiction and the “standard of review”!  The various courts have shredded over 40 years of precedent, in order to prevent Michael New from presenting evidence to prove WHY he disobeyed an order he considered illegal.

Today, the government is using the new “Michael New Precedent” to deny other military personnel the right to present evidence.  So we are carrying two fights at once here, and both are important.  Soldiers and sailors who have political points of view that are all over the spectrum are being denied the right to present evidence.

One good thing in all this is that the National Institution for Military Justice has filed a “friend of the court” brief on our behalf with the Supreme Court.  This is a very respected organization, and has some standing with the SC. 

In the end, if the Supreme Court refuses to hear our case, or if it rejects our case, then the net result will be that Americans CAN be forced to serve under foreign commanders, against their will, and their oath of allegiance will no longer be exclusive to America, nor to the US Constitution.

IF that happens, my friend, then men with understanding will understand that the death knell of the Republic has been sounded, and some will argue that the beginning of the American Empire may well be dated from that very day.

It is only right that I stop from time to time and express our gratitude to a Divine Providence, Who has sustained us through this entire legal battle.  He obviously works through thousands of individual Americans, who write small checks and then follow those up with letters to their editors, to congressmen, and then with prayers for our ability to stay in this fight.  This never fails to humble us, and to amaze us, at the same time.

We could not begin to do what we do without friends like you, and I just wanted to thank you personally.  Please let me know if you need copies of my book, the documentary video (or DVD), or other materials.

For a Constitutional Republic, once again, or else,

Daniel New
P.O. Box 100
Iredell, Texas 76649

Real Americans don’t wear U.N. blue!


Michael and Daniel New, US Court of Appeals, February, 2006

Michael and Daniel New, US Court of Appeals, February, 2006.

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