1. Unofficial Draft Copy
  2. **** Bill No. ****
  3. Introduced By *************
  4. By Request of the *********
  5. A Bill for an Act entitled: "An Act enacting the Texas
  6. Sovereignty Protection Act; rejecting the authority of the
  7. United Nations over the territory or people of Texas; and
  8. providing penalties."
  9. Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Texas:
  10. NEW SECTION. Section 1. Short title. [Sections 1 through
  11. 5] may be cited as the
  12. "Texas Sovereignty Protection Act".
  14. NEW SECTION. Section 2. Purpose. The purpose of [sections
  15. 1 through 5] is to:
  16. (1) maintain and preserve the state of Texas as a free
  17. and independent State, as provided in the Declaration of
  18. Independence and the Texas Constitution as preserved in the
  19. ninth and tenth Articles of the Bill of Rights, which
Page Two
  1. restrict the Constitution of the United States to certain
  2. powers, and leave the remainder to the States, or to
  3. the People, respectively;

  4. (2) reject any claim that the United Nations Charter, the
  5. United Nations General Assembly, nor any international
  6. treaties signed under the auspices of the United Nations
  7. have any lawful or constitutional authority in or over this
  8. State under either the Charter of the United Nations or the
  9. Constitution of the United States; and
  10. (3) to recognize the power of symbols and flags and their
  11. proper legal function when flown over official state or
  12. public property, which is to proclaim dominion over
  13. territory and to demonstrate allegiance to a given
  14. authority.
Page Three
  1. Unofficial Draft Copy
  3. NEW SECTION. Section 3. Findings. (1) Every elected
  4. official of this State and all of its political subdivisions
  5. has taken an oath of exclusive allegiance to
  6. support the Constitutions of Texas and of the United
  7. States, and no other.  No elected official has taken an
  8. oath to support the United Nations, and cannot take such an
  9. oath by law.
  10. (2) The United Nations Charter is not, by definition nor in
  11. practice, a treaty made under the authority of the United
  12. States as provided for in Article II, section 2 of the
  13. United States Constitution, but rather is a constitution
  14. for world government.
  15. (3) Although the preamble of the United Nations charter
  16. states that it was made in the name of the peoples of the
  17. United Nations, the charter was not initiated by the people
  18. of any country, in particular not of the United States, and
  19. has never been ratified by the People of the several
  20. States, nor of the United States as a whole.
  21. (4) Because the United Nations Charter has never been voted
  22. on by the People of the United States, nor ratified by the
  23. People of the several States, any claim of governing
Page Four
  1. authority of the United Nations charter over any State of
  2. the United States is unconstitutional, hence null and void.
  3. (5) The display of any government flag over any government
  4. property indicates dominion and authority over the
  5. territory and allegiance on the behalf of the people of
  6. that territory to the authority.
  7. (6) Treaties do not, and cannot supersede the Constitution. 
  8. According to Article VI of the US Constitution, only
  9. treaties “…which shall be made, under the Authority of the
  10. United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land.  No
  11. treaty which violates the US Constitution can be valid, and
  12. is null and void in this State, and in all States.
Page Five
  1. Unofficial Draft Copy
  3. NEW SECTION. Section 4. Flags or symbols prohibited. A
  4. flag or other symbol representing the United Nations, or
  5. any other foreign power, may not be flown or otherwise
  6. displayed from any official mast, building, or other
  7. property of the state of Texas or any of its political
  8. subdivisions receiving state funds. This section does not
  9. prohibit the display or United Nations flags or symbols on
  10. public property for historical or educational purposes.
  13. NEW SECTION. Section 5. Prohibition on support. The
  14. legislature or a legislative body of a political
  15. subdivision of this State may not authorize the expenditure
  16. of any public funds to support or promote any program or
  17. other activity carried on under the authority of or in
  18. cooperation with the United Nations.
  22. NEW SECTION. Section 6. Enforcement of international court
  23. actions. A judicial decree, judgment, order, or other
  24. action entered by an international court or other judicial
Page Six
  1. body acting under the authority of, in cooperation with, or
  2. in relation to the United Nations is not enforceable in any
  3. court in this State.
  4. A resident of Texas or a person lawfully in Texas is not
  5. subject to any subpoena, warrant, extradition, or other
  6. process issued by an international court or other judicial
  7. body acting under the authority of, in cooperation with, or
  8. in relation to the United Nations.
Page Seven
    Unofficial Draft Copy
  2. NEW SECTION. Section 7. Penalties. A knowing violation of
  3. [section 6] is a misdemeanor punishable as provided in
  4. _____________.
  6. Each violation is a separate offense and a fourth or
  7. subsequent violation is a felony punishable as provided in
  8. _____________.
  11. NEW SECTION. Section 8. {standard} Codification
  12. instruction. [Sections 1 through 7] are herewith to be
  13. codified as an integral part of Title __, chapter __, part
  14. __, and the provisions of Title __, chapter __, part __,
  15. apply to [sections __ through __].
  17. NEW SECTION. Section 9. {standard} Severability. If a part
  18. of this act is ruled invalid, all valid parts that are
  19. severable from the invalid part remain in effect. If a part
  20. of [this act] is invalid in one or more of its
  21. applications, the part remains in effect in all valid
  22. applications that are severable from the invalid
  23. applications.
  24. - END -
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