Rolling Thunder, Inc., an active veterans organization which focuses on POW/MIA and veterans' issues, has recently passed the following resolution:

"A great many of our number have served in our country's military. They all took the same oath to obey the orders of their superiors, to protect and defend this Great Nation.

"There is not a member in our ranks who was ever called upon to take an oath to the United Nations, and if they were, they would not have taken it.

"For, by taking their oath, they agreed to wear this and only this Nation's uniform and symbols, not the uniform and symbols of other nations. They agreed to take the orders of their superirors within the military services and the Commanders In Chief of this nation.

"They did not agree to take orders of leaders of other Nations or their military. It is one thing to respect the superiors of other Nations, but it is indeed another matter to obey their commands.

"We do not believe that the Constitution has been amended to allow the Commander in Chief to force citizens of this Natin to wear the uniform of another nation such as the United Nations.

"As such, we believe that this soldier, Michael New, has been mistreated badly by his superiors and denied the due process required by our Constitution and the Bill of Rights."

(signed) October 9, 1998