Sen. Bob Smith is ready to sponsor a Senate version of H.R. 4669, but he still needs original co-sponsors. Please write your U.S. Senators and ask them to contact Sen. Smith's Office and become a co-sponsor. Below is a sample letter to our two Texas Senators. Don't copy it word for word, use your own wording.

At this point we don't know exactly how many state party platforms oppose the involuntary servitude of forced UN military service but we do know that the Texas Republican Platform calls for it, and there is similar but somewhat weaker wording in the National Republican Party Platform

Senator Phil Gramm
Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senators Gramm & Hutchison,

The Citizen Soldier Protection Act of 2000 was designed for you.

You took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. You stand on a party platform that calls for NO Texan to be forced into United Nations military service.

This act does not write new law, but clarifies existing law. The effective points are in two small but powerful provisions.

This bill does not go far enough for many people. It does not abolish the United Nations. It does not end U.S. participation in U.N. deployments. It simply ends the involuntary servitude of forcing Americans to serve a foreign power against their will.

This act will serve, however, as a fundamental roadblock for those Globalists who would place our American military under the United Nations, and you know that these people have been working for fifty years to accomplish just this goal.

This is an opportunity for you to lead in the Senate in protecting American sovereignty.

The family of Spc. Michael New requests that you contact the office of Senator Bob Smith and become an original co-sponsor today.

For a Sovereign Republic,