A brief report -- on Thursday, 16 February -- Michael New's attorneys and Donald Rumsfeld's attorneys squared off in the US Court of Appeals in Washington, DC.

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Daniel New, Project Manager of the Michael New Action Fund, and Joe Sager, Webmaster and Research Director for MNAF, are still on the road as they travel home.  Driving straight through, it is a 28 hour drive.  They are not driving straight through.  We have visited King's Mountain Battleground in South Carolina, and will visit another battleground in Mississippi today.  Add a little problem to the vehicle, and due to that delay we may not be home until Monday.  But we are moving in that direction. 

In the meantime, here's what you can do to help Michael New's cause -- which is NOT the removal of a Bad Conduct Discharge at all, but is the placing of a legal roadblock to see that what happened to him will not happen again to any soldier.  We have presented, one more time, a revised edition of the Citizen Soldier Protection Act.  Dr. Ron Paul actually introduced this bill on Thursday, the same day as the court hearing, but a number has not been assigned.  We expect that to happen on Tuesday.
  1.   WE NEED CO-SPONSORS!  And, in the Senate, we need a SPONSOR!  We will ask you to spend a little time thinking about your approach, while waiting for a number, and then send a request to your two senators, and your one representative, asking them to sponsor or co-sponsor the Citizen Soldier Protection Act of 2006.  You can obtain your own copy of this bill here:  http://mikenew.com/legislation.html  If a mere 100 of Mike's supporters do that, we will have placed 300 requests into various congressional offices.  Important -- we are asking that you either write or send a fax.  E-mails and phone calls are better than nothing, but faxes and letters are what moves the hearts, the minds, and the votes of your congressman.  IS there a Senator with the guts to sponsor this bill?  (More on the Senate soon.  An editorial is growing inside.)

  2. Having done that, we ask you to get ten more people to do the same thing, and that will place another 3,000 messages on Congressional desks!  They can be anywhere in the USA, not just in your district.  Democrats or Republicans.  Conservatives or Liberals.  That's because this is not a partisan bill, this is not a political issue -- NO PARENT wants to see their sons and daughters shipped off to fight and/or die for a corrupt institution like the United Nations!  NO PARENT wants their child shipped home in a casket decorated with a United Nations flag!!!  NO PARENT that we have ever met considers the United Nations worthy of the possible sacrifice of the blood of our children!

  3.   If, somehow, you can get each of your "Squad of Ten" to repeat this process with only FIVE of their friends, then they will be responsible for putting another 15,000 messages on Capitol Hill!!!!!!!
  4. (Wow!  Did I make an error in my math?  I don't think so.  I'll explain this latter, if you need help with it.  It all comes down to your Management Skills with your team of ten, and their team of five.  (Do we need to prepare a little manual for you to figure out how to do this?)  If you're in Michael New's Red, White & Blue Battalion, then you either have your own Squad of 10, or your are going to start recruiting it today.)
Meantime, I think we'll mosey on over to Vicksburg and have a look at that important battle in the War for Southern Independence.

Blessings on you all,

Daniel New
Joe Sager