29 October 2003
CONTACT:  Joe Sager

Americans request Senator Hatch and Representative
Sensenbrenner to help bring “Justice For Michael New"

IREDELL, TEXAS - Efforts to clear Michael New’s name and remove his 1996 Bad Conduct Discharge have once again been held up in court - this time it’s U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C.

Army Spc. Michael New, the only American ever convicted of wanting to serve his country exclusively, has asked the Judiciary Committees of the House and Senate to inquire as to why it has taken over 17 months for US. District Judge Paul Freidman to begin hearing Michael New vs. the United States.

Thousands of “Justice For Michael New" petitions were delivered today signed by Americans nationwide to the offices of Senator Hatch and Representative Sensenbrenner, chairman of the Senate and House Committees on the Judiciary.

“We selected the Judiciary Committees of the House and Senate because they have the authority to oversee the courts, and to inquire into judicial irregularities," stated Michael New.  “It is our intent to show Rep. Sensenbrenner and Senator Hatch that thousands of Americans are behind me in my battle, but Justice Delayed is Justice Denied."

In 1995, SPC New disobeyed what he believed to be an illegal order to wear an United Nations uniform and to deploy into Macedonia on what he believed to be an illegal deployment, under a general officer from Finland.  Michael New believed those orders to be a violation of Army regulations and of his Constitutional rights as a Citizen-Soldier.

Michael New was court-martialed in 1996 and given a Bad Conduct Discharge.

Knowing that no military court could find the will to rule against Bill Clinton, he took his case to US District Court, Judge Paul Friedman presiding.

But Judge Freidman refused to hear the case in 1996, citing a matter of jurisdiction, but invited it back to his court, “after the military remedy is exhausted." Michael New exhausted his military battle in 2002, and once again the case went back to Judge Friedman’s courtroom.

“There has been no movement in Mike’s case in almost 18 months," said Daniel New, Michael New’s father and spokesman for the legal defense.  “It makes perfect sense," Daniel New continued.  “After all, it’s a normal military tactic to either delay or retreat rather than get beat."

“The delays have been extraordinarily long, at every step of the process.  This important legal battle has taken almost eight years," stated Michael New’s lead attorney, Herbert W. Titus1“Yet there are men and women in uniform today, and for generations to come, who will be affected by this ruling."

Suzanne New, Mike’s mother, says, “We raised our sons to be loyal Americans, to believe in God and the Constitution. Are we to tell our grandsons that we were wrong, that they must serve and possibly die for the United Nations?"

“This battle is not about me," says Michael New.  “It’s about whether every American who serves in our military might become mercenaries who will be forced to wear the U.N. uniform, take orders from foreign commanders and possibly even stand trial under global courts." New continued, “And I don’t intend to let them down."

  1. Herbert Titus is one of the nation’s leading constitutional attorneys.  He is currently counsel to Chief Justice Roy Moore in his battle over displaying the Ten Commandments in Alabama

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