Press Release for Release 12 July 2004
Michael New Legal Defense Fund  
P.O. Box 100
Iredell, Texas 76649

Michael New still alive in District Court!
Another motion to dismiss is delayed

In Mid-March, the U.S. District Court denied a motion of the US Govt. to dismiss the case of former Army Specialist Michael New.  What was the governments reaction?  Did they prepare for deciding the case on its merits?  No, they filed yet another motion for dismissal.  Now, in mid-June, rather than grant or deny, Judge Paul Friedman has ordered that oral arguments over whether there should be a dismissal will be held on 19 October 2004. 

Please understand that, while we may have an opportunity to present some of the merits of the case, the only question on the table will be whether or not the case will proceed, or be dismissed. 

And another year passes.  On that date, it will have been NINE years and NINE days since 10 October 1995, when Michael New reported for duty as ordered, dressed in his authorized uniform and ready to deploy, but disobeying a direct order to wear a United Nations blue cap and serve under a foreign commanding officer, a brigadier general from Finland. 

Even so, we are still alive in court, and the issue still presses upon the government.  CAN an American citizen be forced, against his will, to serve under a foreign power?  If the answer to that question is in the affirmative, and particularly in times of peace for our nation, then it will signal the end of the Republic as have known it.

These points remain unresolved: Skeptics laughed when Michael New said, in 1995, "In order to have a One World Government, they only need three things more -- a World Taxation System (and they're working on that); a World Court, and a World Army -- and that's what they are trying to make me."

Today, the International Criminal Court is in place, thanks to Bill Clinton.  And the ICC will be allowed to try American soldiers, thanks to the Bush administration because the administration has recently waived the immunity that Congress had built in to our signature on that treaty. 

Today, we see that the US Government is proposing a World Army, called the Global Peace Operations Initiative.   American resistance to serving under UN command, and dying needlessly, has led to a "creative alternative."  Instead, American taxpayers can foot the bill, a proposed $660,000,000 over five years (not counting theft and corruption and delayed contracts, etc.)

Mark your calendar and pray for Judge Paul Friedman, on 19 October 2004.