November/December 2000

CAAF - We enter now the nine month anniversary since the Court of Appeals of the Armed Forces heard oral arguments on the appeal of Spc. Michael New (February 4). The court is not pondering weighty matters. They are looking at one issue only, and it is a simple one. The only question before this court is whether a defendant is legally able to introduce evidence to support their position. (Without this evidence, there is only the sham of a kangaroo court.)
ACTION: Please sit down and take a few minutes and write a polite letter to Representative Floyd Spence, who is the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. Tell Mr. Spence that you understand that CAAF is a court created only a few years ago by Congress, and is under the oversight of his committee. Ask him if he doesn't think that 5 years to appeal a simple three day court-martial is not just a tad shy of reasonable. Ask him if he doesn't thing that NINE months to consider such a simple question is not clear and blatant "delay of justice." Ask him if he will consider holding hearings to inquire into this problem, and if so, will he not announce it promptly that the court may understand that the American people are tired of this "conspiracy of silence," this "stonewalling," (use your own words) and that they must do that which they were charged to do. Please bear in mind that Mr. Spence is our friend, not our enemy. He has supported Michael in the past.

Hon. Floyd Spence      House Armed Services Committee     Room 2120 RHOB     Washington, DC 20215

Long awaited - now you can get your city or county declared a UN-free Zone by passing a city or county ordinance to that effect. And the wording has been finalized by Constitutional scholar and attorney Dr. Herb Titus. You can get a copy of the Model UN-free Zone Ordinance by requesting it from us. (Feel free to send a donation, but there is no charge for this.) It is six pages long, about half with legal findings and basis, but you will enjoy what this ordinance would do if passed in your community:

Aside from amusement, you may think that this ordinance is unenforceable. To the contrary, it is built upon the precedent of the Nuclear-Free Zones of Berkeley, California, which passed many court tests over two decades. And in the end, even if one or more provisions are declared unenforceable, who wins when we spark such a debate in our local chambers of government? Let's take the fight to the enemy, and let's enlist our local officials in that fight.
Download it from our website now at: http://www.mikenew.com/unfreezone.html

Or request it from us at:

Michael New Action Fund
P.O. Box 100
Iredell, Texas 76649


The Citizen Soldier Protection Act of 2000 is dead. But the 2001 version will be back as soon as Congress reconvenes. Count on it. And we'll be much more aggressive, with your help, in promoting this very important bill to prevent the forced placement of soldiers under the United Nations. In the meantime, every candidate running for Congress needs to hear the question asked every time they pop up in a candidate's forum: "Mr. Candidate, what are you going to do next session to prevent my children and grandchildren from being forced into serving under the United Nations military?" If they hear that question often enough, you will be softening them up for what's coming next year.

Helen Chenoweth will not be in the House of Representatives next year. We need a new House sponsor, and Bob Smith, the good senator from New Hampshire, will only introduce if we can get two or three more to co-sponsor. He's right - it's a waste of time to attempt to pass a bill on which no one will put their name. We need Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, Jesse Helms, Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Larry Craig of Idaho, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Richard Shelby of Alabama, Bob Toricelli of NJ, John Ashcroft of Missouri, Phil Gramm of Texas, Tim Hutchison of Arkansas, and others. Believe it or not, all of those senators have, at one time or another, made speeches or written letters saying they oppose the placement of our troops under the United Nations, or have a pretty decent record regarding veterans and POW's. If you live in one of their states, or New Hampshire, please go back to work on your senator and ask him to stand up for American soldiers now - or explain what the Oath means to him!

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A reminder that the Michael New Action Fund continues to need funds to operate, not only for paying lawyers, but for traveling around the country, for lots of time on long-distance, for postage and shipping, for giving away books to soldiers (over 12,000 now given away!), for promoting the cause of national sovereignty around the world and even in foreign countries. Contributions are not tax-deductible. They should be sent to us, Michael New Action Fund, PO Box 100, Iredell, Texas 76649. But more than that, we need your prayers.