Justice Denied is Justice Delayed

We at the Michael New Action Fund are embarking upon a new (no puns intended) strategy to attempt to get the Army to rule on Michael New's case. The Army Court of Criminal Appeals heard his appeal on 28 May 1998 - nine months ago. Not a single word from them yet. There was no recording of the hearing, no transcript, nothing. They rely only on their fading memories. The game is clear - they are stonewalling us. They are protecting the Defendant in Chief, who is trying to reduce these very officers to mercenaries in the New World Army, and they are denying justice to the one man who is defending their uniforms and their national sovereignty - Michael New!

The strategy is simple. Congress pays the bills. The Pentagon listens to Congress. If Congress makes this issue hot again, the Pentagon will drop this hot potato. We are asking the new Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, to inquire with a view to initiating hearings on the matter of why justice is being denied to Specialist Michael New.

I'm asking you, via this message, to please drop Speaker Hastert a note and ask him to do just that. Dennis Hastert has been supportive in the past and we believe he is sympathetic to national sovereignty. (Isn't THAT an improvement!) If you get a reply, I'm asking you to send us a copy of it to our home address: MNAF - P.O. Box 100 Iredell, Texas 76649.

The next thing I'm asking you to do is to get five to ten more friends to do the same thing. We already have petitions circulating to this effect, and have come up with over 2,000 names in just a few weeks. You may circulate your own petitions, or use ours, found on Mike's webpage.

Justice for Michael New Petition
Adobe Acrobat PDF version is available here.

Petitions should be sent to us, and we hope to present them to Speaker Hastert on Memorial Day in D.C. We'll be there for the huge Rolling Thunder Rally - a veterans' rally which expects to see 1/2 million veterans show up (most of them on motorcycles!) as they've done each year for eleven years. If your schedule allows, it will be a moving experience, at the Vietnam Memorial, in front of the Lincoln Memorial, at the end of the Reflecting Pool. Memorial Day, 30 May, 1999. The press virtually blacks this event out, yet it grows every year.

When Speaker Hastert starts hearing from every State, and from overseas Americans as well, questioning why this miscarriage of justice can be done, and why the House of Representatives, which has voted to outlaw the forcing of American servicemen into UN uniforms under UN commanders, it may yet help those in Washington find their backbone.

If the next generation is to know the Blessings of Freedom, then they must first be taught the Duties of Freedom, and that means it's up to you and me.

God save the Republic!

Thank you,

Daniel & Suzanne New
Michael & Claudia New