The father of Army Specialist Michael G. New, Daniel is a Christian without apology, and a fifth generation Texan without apology. Until recent years, he was an American without apology, but our so-called "leaders" have become a world-wide embarrassment to any decent American traveling abroad.

Daniel writes and lectures extensively on a wide variety of topics. He and his wife, Suzanne, have homeschooled their seven children (a medium-sized family) while living in Texas, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and The Philippines. He is an ornamental horticulturist by training, an amature linguist, an avid gardener and poultryman by avocation, a patent-holding inventor, and an avid student of the "Literature of Freedom".

The Michael New Action Fund is responsible for the legal defense for Michael New, as well as a world-wide public education effort to teach concerned citizens about what is happening to national sovereignty. They have one documentary video available, GOOD CONDUCT, The Story of Michael New.

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