Michael New Wins Another Award

(The Woodlands) - The American Constitution Party of Texas awarded their first annual Alamo Award to Army Spc. Michael New on Saturday, 26 June. According to State Chairman Jim Wade, this award is for the Texan who has done the most to preserve the Constitution and to promote the principles of the ACP and the US Taxpayers Party

There were several candidates, but it wasn't even close."Michael was attending the State Convention with his family, and participating in planning sessions for future strategies in his legal fight over whether or not it is possible for the United States government to force its citizens to serve a foreign power (in this case, the UN) against their will. According to delegate Daryl Ware, who presented the award,"The sovereignty issue is primary to our settling our own issues as Americans rather than as citizens of Planet Earth."

Michael's entire acceptance speech:

"I wasn't expecting this. Have you ever gotten the feeling that you do something and it follows you around? Thank you very much."