To our Team of supporters around the country.
Red, White & Blue Battalion
Home Guard

Five years ago today, Army Spc. Michael New stepped into the history books, by reporting to his company formation wearing the same uniform he had been wearing for nearly three years.  The authorized Battle Dress Uniform of the United States Army.  Unfortunately for Michael, it was not the "uniform of the day" -- 549 other soldiers had on baby blue caps and United Nations patches on their right shoulders.

Those 549 soldiers were wearing a uniform forbidden by Army regulation 670-1, which governs the wear of the Battle Dress Uniform.  But they were obeying orders.  Which is more important?

That was the question before the Court of Appeals of the Armed Forces on February 4, 2000.  Eight months ago.  The lawyer for the Army simply told the court, "A soldier must obey all orders."  A judge asked, "Even illegal ones?"  After much stammering, she replied, "All orders must be obeyed."

Colonel Henry Hamilton demolished the Army's arguments that day in court, with,"Your Honors, we settled this question at Nuremburg.  Illegal orders do NOT have to be obeyed."

The court ended its deliberations for the year 2000, on 30 September.  It is virtually unheard of for a federal court to hold back a decision after it closes deliberations.  As a matter of custom, any case not yet announced is decided and announced by the last day of the court.  (There have been rare exceptions, notably where a man's life was at stake in a capital punishment trial.)

Another exception has been made for Michael New, whose life is not at stake, it's only a career (and what do officers care about the career of a lowly specialist?)  No, what's at stake in this case is the Sovereignty of the Republic known as the United States of America.

Five years.  Half a decade. 1,826 days.  No matter how you slice it, it does not add up to a speedy trial, a "swift and imperative judicial remedy."  It adds up to a conspiracy to stall justice, to exhaust the resources of the Defense, and to protect the political career of the most anti-military president in the history of this nation.

There are two apparent roads before us, if we live long enough to see the wheels of "justice" turn.

We are prepared to take the course handed to us, and to pursue it to the bitter end.

But Rome burns while the courts fiddle, and the American Republic is dying.  This administration has done more than any in history to hand our national sovereignty over to various international agencies, than any before it (and that is saying a lot!).  They have done so through treaties when possible, through highly questionable "agreements" when necessary, and even by executive decisions without any basis in law.  (See, for example, Presidential Decision Directive #25, the public version, on our website.)

The last time a military man challenged the authority of the president over giving our sovereignty to the United Nations, it was a general -- General Douglas MacArthur.  Yes, he was fired by Harry Truman, who had acted illegally but got away with it.  MacArthur may have loved the limelight, and he may have had political ambitions, but he was right on this issue.

Spc. Michael New did not want the limelight.  He has no political ambitions.  He has turned down movie offers.  He regularly declines invitations to speak, because he did not act in order to become famous.  Fame has been thrust upon him.  He simply wanted to serve his country exclusively.  He simply had read and understood the implications of the oath of enlistment which he took.

"Be patient," the lawyers said.  Well, we think five years is patient enough.  We think it's time to start rocking the boat.  Americans need to know this case is still pending, and that we need their help in publicizing that fact.

1.  Vote.  There's an election coming up, in case you haven't noticed.  And the selection of your congressman is probably more important than the presidential race, simply because (in most cases) the fix is not in.  You can still affect a congressional race by voting.  You should know by now how your congressman stands on this issue.  If he has become a co-sponsor of H.R. 4669 (Citizen Soldier Protection Act of 2000) , then he's a good guy.  There are 22 as I write this, and a few more pending who are not yet on the board.  (Check on it at -- just type in the bill number and follow where it leads.  This is an easy way to check on all pending legislation, by the way.)

    Ask your congressman to tell you in unambiguous terms whether he/she supports the involuntary servitude of American military personnel under the United Nations as mercenaries, and if they say they don't, then tell them they only have a few more days to prove it by becoming a sponsor of H.R. 4669.  If they don't, they may expect to lose your vote, and the vote of every friend you can influence.  Then follow through on it.

2.  Declare your community a United Nations-free Zone.  Get a copy of the model ordinance from our website, or order a hard copy from us here in Texas.  Fill in the blanks for your county or city, and take it to the appropriate group of councilors or committeemen or assemblymen or commissioners, as the case may be.  Ask them to vote on it, making your town or county a zone where the United Nations may not do business, may not tax, may not quarter troops, may not try local citizens, may not have our sons and daughters for its military.

    This will be controversial, I assure you.  That's half the fun of it.  Don't go in angry, simply resolved to make a point.  If you lose unanimously, then you made them aware that there is a problem.  If you get a couple of votes, then you know who to work with on this issue to try to get it passed.  In the process of controversy and publicity, you need to present a calm and reasonable appearance, because what you are really doing is waking up your community.  Most communities will reject the ordinance.  It doesn't matter.  We win when they debate it.  And a few will actually pass it!  We win big in that case.

    I assure you, this one is going to be fun.  Let's get in their faces with this one.

3.  Declare your private property a United Nations-free Zone.  Within a couple of weeks we will attempt to have a source where you can order small aluminum signs to place in your yard proclaiming, "This property is a U.N.-free Zone.  United Nations, keep out!"  Yes, we know it's too subtle for some of your neighbors, and some will laugh with you, others will laugh at you.  (So, what else is new?)  In the meantime, feel free to make your own.

4.  Educate your neighbors.  If they haven't seen the video documentary, GOOD CONDUCT -- The Story of Michael New, then they need to.  Start inviting a few to dinner or over for coffee and showing the video.  As many times as it takes to go through your list of friends.  (We send a video to all who send us $19.95 or more in contributions and ask for it.)

This video particularly needs to be shown to young people contemplating joining the military today.  It's also important to show it to veterans and to active-duty military personnel.

5.  Give a book to a soldier.  (Or Marine.  Or Sailor.  Etc.)  Did you know we give away free books to active duty military personnel?  And you can become our franchised distribution center, if you're interested.  If you live near a military base, order a case of books for giving away.  Try to sell a few to friends to pay for the case (50 books for 50 bucks! *** NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE***).  But just get them into the hands of our military folks.  MANY minds have been changed after they read this book!  (I am always amazed that people actually read it, especially those who disagree with it, but they do, and it convinces many of them.  An open mind is easy prey for the truth.)

6.  Write a letter to the editor.  Ask why it has taken five years for a simple case to be resolved.  Suggest that there are forces in the White House who want to give our country away.  Ask why we should encourage our kids to enlist when they can apparently be traded to a foreign power (not unlike the National Football League) to fight and die for a totally non-American agenda?  If it's printed, send us a copy.  Get friends to pile on this bandwagon, because those letters are read, and they do have an impact.  Let's start flooding local papers with this issue, and letting the communities see that the case is STILL not resolved after five years.

7.  Recruit two friends this week to join the Home Guard and, if they're veterans, the Red, White and Blue Battalion.

8.  Invite Daniel New to come and speak to your community.  Send a book to local talk show hosts, and ask them to interview.  He's not bashful.  He will do the interviews, and he will try to come to your community.