Michael New Update - April 1998

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  •    Supreme Court ruling, and what it means
  •    Army Court of Criminal Appeals
  •    The Next Steps, legally
  •    HCR 158
    Supreme Court Denies
    writ of certiorari

    30 March, Washington - The US Supreme Court has denied, in a one sentence ruling the writ of certiorari filled by lead attorney Mike Farris and Herb Titus, on behalf of Army Specialist Michael New.

    This action ends the writ of habeas corpus filed in federal courts with the goal of having the case removed from military courts, because we content that the military courts are unable to rule in an objective way on matters of Constitutional law that are beyond them.

    None of the merits of the case have yet been argued, much less answered, in any of the four previous court actions. This decision is purely a matter of determining jurisdiction. We contend that the Supreme Court will have to determine this case, while the Army argued in Federal courts that they are perfectly capable of handling it. The Supreme Court has agreed with the Army. Nothing has been decided about any of the facts of the case.

    The case is now squarely in the military courts, and nowhere else at the moment. Another appeal or writ can be filed, but is not currently contemplated.

    If you Love Your Country, the U.N. is Not Your Friend
  • Army Court of Appeals

    Ironically,in their brief before the Army Court of Criminal Appeals, which will be argued on 28 May, the Army now contents that many of the issues raised by Spc. New are "non-justiciable," which is to say that they don't belong in a military court!

    This hearing, which will be in Falls Church Virginia, is alleged to be "open to the public," which means that after the lawyers and the family are seated, thirty something chairs will be available to be shared with the press and public. When we asserted here on our webpage that the hearing isn't open to the public, the Army objected, even though they are totally uninterested in making provisions for a truly public hearing. So, to play their game and be technically correct, you are all invited. But your chances of being seated are virtually nil.

    HCR 158

    The Constitution clearly gives the responsibility for overseeing the military to Congress, and Congressman Helen Chenoweth has sponsored a resolution to protect future soldiers who want to be faithful to their exclusive oath of allegiance to their own country. HCR 158 is a resolution, stilling waiting on a Senate sponsor, already co-sponsored by several Congressmen. If you haven't seen it, Call your Congressman and ask for a copy. Then ask your representative to become a co-sponsor. It's an election year. Remind him that you're making up your mind right now about how you will vote in November.

    Video for Soldiers around the World

    GOOD CONDUCT, the Story of Michael New, is the documentary video which explains both the history and the legal arguments about this case, and the implications for national sovereignty. Many of you have a copy in your homes.

    It's now available in what we call the "Military Edition," with an attractive cover and some remarks added at the beginning and the end of the video. It is the same video, so don't order one if you think you're getting a different video! We've designed this edition with the military man in mind, and not just the USA, but in all English speaking countries. Why? Because, as our sovereignty erodes, so does that of all other countries.

    In New Zealand, for example, where the people are of the mind set that they don't need to worry about their sovereignty because the UN has never done them any harm, and they are too small to defend themselves anyway, it is imperative that we help them understand that they acquired their freedom under a well armed and powerful Commonwealth which is now virtually a shell of its former self. They point out that the USA drives the UN anyway, and they know we are friends, so what's the big deal? What they don't understand is that we only "drive" the UN because (1) we pay most of the bills, and (2) we have the military power to not be pusher around.

    Both those situations are being changed, and as rapidly as the One-Worlders in the White House and the Congress can bring it to pass. First, the so-called "Rubin-Tax" is being promoted to give the UN power to tax without begging for money from its members this

    includes a wide variety of sources, such as a mere one dollar per barrel on every barrel of oil pumped from the floor of the ocean in international waters. "You'll hardly notice it at the pump." Or a mere one percent tax on all international fincncial transactions ,or a mere one dollar on each international air flight, etc., etc.

    Second, and this is no "conspiracy theory," it is the stated objective of every administration since John F. Kennedy, (and goal of most administrations since Woodrow Wilson), to empower the United Nations with its own military and reduce American military power to the ability to police our own borders. (See State Department Bulletin #7277, printed in 1961, and available from a number of sources on the internet or get it here.)

    When these two goals have been achieved, the USA will no longer "drive" the UN, and it will be no more "Mr. Nice Guy." when New Zealand tries to carry out its own policies in terms of agriculture, or forestry management, or fishing industry, or the development of private property.

    If you have friends in English-speaking countries whom you think would like to see this video, be sure to tell us whether you want the American VHS format, or the European PAL format. We're considering other languages as well, so tell us what you want, and if the demand is there, we may well go to foreign language editions.

    If you have friends in the American military who would benefit for Good Conduct be sure to specify that you want the military edition. As always, you can order from us with any contribution over $20, or you can order with your credit card by calling: 800/771-2147, ext. 97.